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Shall we change the subject?

There's a new law in Texas that will permit folks to carry guns on campus. Each campus is in the process of making policy about where guns can and cannot be carried. The Chronicle of Higher Education today referred to a power point slide with advice to professors telling them that they may wish to reconsider certain topics and discussions given the new law: This is chilling to me. Of course, I teach online so much of this will not affect me except for the fact that I do come to campus, have office hours, go to meetings, etc.

As always what I find more disturbing than the fact that the legislature thought it wise to allow carry on campus are the comments offered on this and other articles on the topic. Discourse is now diss-coarse. I see it in the political arena which has now bled over to Facebook posts. There is not a day goes by when someone on FB warns me about some candidate. There is not one "news" show that does not devolve into dis-coarse. It is even on my TV when networks airs "press conferences" and "town halls" where some candidates feel it is acceptable to use crude language or to joke about women or Hispanics or to accuse someone of telling a lie all the while telling a lie.

Our campus has drafted a carry policy. The legislature is now considering an OPEN CARRY policy (it was on the primary ballot). I think I am happy I am nearing retirement.
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