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i <3 MY JOB

I often tell folks that I love my job. And I do. I usually say my job involves reading books and then talking about those books to anyone who will listen. And that is true as well.

However, my job involves lots of things that folks seldom see: the reading and booktalking is the tip of the iceberg. Like most educators, there are the plans and the classes and the teaching and the assessing that takes place. And like many educators, there are the committees and the work and the tasks that fall under that vague "any duties as assigned" umbrella. But the fact that I get to do all those other tasks and duties and still manage most days to fit in reading and booktalking, well, that makes this job the best one I have ever had.

I have other parts of my job, as do many of you as well. I write and try to publish. I have had some success there with 3 books completed and a couple more in the works. And I love this part of my job as well. Writing, especially writing this blog post most days, makes me pause and reflect on what I am doing and thinking and learning. I like the discipline it gives me. I also find that this writing flows well, and that translates to the other writing I do in my professional life, the writing that sometimes is resistant to the flow.

I love my job. I love the freedom it gives me to travel and speak to other audiences. I love the colleagues with whom I get to work. I love the ability to "teach" at times convenient to me and to my students in our online forum. I love that my field continues to change and evolve and move in new directions.

Yes, I love my job.
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