professornana (professornana) wrote,

I wonder..,

When I see some of the Facebook postings of late, I wonder:

1. Do folks not know how to check the veracity of statements?
2. Do folks believe everything they see posted?
3. Do folks confuse being mean with being clever? Do they not know the distinction?

But the one thing that has caused me to scratch my head of late is a post that thousands of folks have liked. It involves a sign posted outside a school basically telling parents to return home with the forgotten homework or lunch or project and let the kids suck it up.

Maybe their kids attended a different school than mine did. If I did not go with the forgotten work or some lunch money, there was a chance my kid would be penalized. They might have gone without lunch. No, they would not have starved, but they might have passed out from lack of food and drink. And the forgotten projects would either receive huge reductions in grades or even be excluded from grading.

Now, I was not a helicopter parent (grandparent). My kids took the bus; there were consequences for poor school performance; they made their own lunches. I was not going t the school with forgotten items often. But I did believe that, as a parent, there were some things I could do to make the lives of my kids happy, pleasant, childlike.

It seems, though, with all the talk about grit and resilience and asking kids to suck it up that we are transforming childhood into an adult arena where kids should face problems without assistance. My kids are almost all grown ups now. They seem to be responsible. I don't have to take them lunch or transport forgotten projects. And they know, I hope, that I am still here for them.

I spent a few hours yesterday with current and former students in the Rio Grande Valley. There were hugs. We caught up with what has transpired since I last saw them a few months ago. The students still know I am here for them. I write letters of recommendation, vote for them (today I voted for quite a few of my former students in the TLA elections. Grit? It helps an oyster make a pearl I suspect, but in humans it is merely an irritant.
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