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19 February 2016 @ 06:58 am
On the road again  
Yesterday, Karin Perry, Robin Moore and I drove down to the Rio Grande Valley town of McAllen. Today, we will attend the Region One Spring Extravaganza featuring Mr. Schu. The drive is 400 miles, about 7 hours. Of course the talk turned to books and reading. We discussed classroom libraries, school libraries and librarians, and books.

What was wonderful was to be in a car with two other people who care passionately about books themselves as well as about how to support kids on their journey to lifelong readers. Karin and Robin have both been school librarians (Robin was one of Career Girl's librarians). As much as I have learned about libraries Nd librarians in the 26 years I have been in the LS department, there is still much I do not know. I relished listening to Robin and Karin talk about all things library.

Now today, we will hear Mr. Schu then climb back in the car for the drive home. Who knows what plans and schemes we will hatch. But I can tell you this: we will talk books and kid and reading. That is a perfect way to cap off the week.