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15 February 2016 @ 06:21 pm
Monday. Monday  
This day was dedicated to ticking things off the To-Do List. Review written and submitted. Assignments graded. Replied to postings on the YALSA course. Returned shoes to Zappo's. Picked up rental car for trip to Rio Grande Valley later this week. Grocery shopping done. There are other items in the list, but at least the Ta-Da List looks good.

A feeling of accomplishment, to be sure. But no time to read today. Am I concerned? Am I berating myself? Nope. In part that is because I read with my ears as I was driving from errand to errand. My phone always has 3-4 audiobooks on it. No excuse not to "read."

People ask how I read so much. This is one way I stay connected to books. Audio, e-books, spare books in the back seat. There is no excuse when I plan like this. As a teacher (middle school and university, too), I always had books in the room. Some were on shelves in our library. Many were on ledges, on desks, scattered around the room. Access made easy.

Last week, we opened the Lesesne Review Center in oir department. In addition to the shelves, we had big books out on an ottoman, some pop-up books on a desk, and a display of multicultural books for browsing. We all picked up books and read. Why not? They were right there beckoning.