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Fresh from the state capitol where about 7000 librarians gathered for the annual Texas Library Association conference. Did a session yesterday on good new YA books and had more than 500 in attendance. Lots of fun. I promised to post the books I talked about to the blog site, so the list is at the end of the blog. When I had a spare moment or two I read (of course). Finished BOY PROOF and thought it terrific. It has already been nominated for Quick Picks and it would be a good choice for a reluctant reader. I think avid readers will also find appeal in the story of a girl who has done all she can to make sure she is boy proof. Her head is shaved, she draws her eyebrows on, wears deliberately different clothing. She is also a die hard fan of a cult classic sci fi film. To top it all off, her dad is a special effects whiz (and she takes after him) and her mom starred in a grade B sci-fi flick and is still trying to reclaim her glory. These, friends, are the ingredients for a quirky romance. Also read in galley CLAIMING GEORGIA TATE and was moved by this story, reminiscent a bit of MISSING MAY, about a girl who lives with her grandparents. Georgia's life is forever altered when her beloved Nana dies and she goes to live with her father, a man who has been largely absent from her life. Georgia's father is a despicable character and as a reader I despaired that she would ever be able to find her way back home. STAINED is the book I began reading while I was waiting for the exhibits to open. If I did not have to work the floor, I would have read the book cover to cover, but duty called, so I will have to wait until tonight to complete the reading. WOW!

Here are the books from my session at TLA:

Teri S. Lesesne

Anderson, Laurie Halse. PROM. What happens when the faculty sponsor for the prom makes off with all the funds? Who can save prom night? (HS)


Bott, C. J. THE BULLY IN THE BOOK AND IN THE CLASSROOMS. This professional book offers loads of advice for setting up your classroom to be a welcoming place for ALL students. (PROF)

Brashares, Anne. GIRLS IN PANTS. Third installment in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series finds the 4 friends the summer before college. (HS)

Canales, Viola. THE TEQUILA WORM. This book traces the life of Sofia as she grows into her rightful place in a family of storytellers. (MS/HS)

Crutcher, Chris. THE SLEDDING HILL. Eddie, suffering from the loss of his father and his best friend Billy, becomes mute until book censorship in his school threatens a caring teacher, a friendly custodian, and Eddie’s fragile sanity. (MS/HS)

Curtis, Christopher Paul. BUCKING THE SARGE. Luther Farrell has a former drill sergeant mother and a whole heap of trouble when he dares to challenge her. (MS)

Flinn, Alex. FADE TO BLACK. Alex Crusan is HIV positive, a fact that makes Clinton Cole, his classmate uncomfortable. When Alex is brutally attacked, Daria, a developmentally disabled student, points to Clinton as the perpetrator. (HS)

Giles, Gail. PLAYING IN TRAFFIC. Another intense novel from this talented author examines how responsible one person must be for the safety and sanity of another. (HS)

Going, K. L. LIBERATION OF GABRIEL KING. Gabe and his best friend Frita spend the summer confronting their fears. Little do they know that their biggest act of courage is still in front of them. (INT/MS)

Hale, Marian. THE TRUTH ABOUT SPARROWS. Historical fiction set during the Depression in Texas’ gulf coast. (INT/MS)

Hautman, Pete. GODLESS. What begins as a prank has terrible consequences for a group of friends who invent a new religion, one that worships the ten legged goddess, the Water Tower. (HS)

Hautman, Pete. INVISIBLE. Doug is invisible to all around him except his best friend, Andy, who is invisible to all save Doug. (HS)

Janeczko, Paul. TOP SECRET: A HANDBOOK OF CODES, CIPHERS, AND SECRET WRITING. Want to communicate in secret? Make invisible ink? Solve cryptological puzzles? This book can help. (INT/MS)

Janeczko, Paul. WORLDS AFIRE. Novel in verse recounts the tragedy of a fire at a circus in 1944 that killed more than 100 people, mostly children. (MS/HS)

Jung, Reinhardt. BAMBERT’S BOOK OF MISSING STORIES. Bambert sets his stories aloft to see if they can travel to far away places and find their own settings. (MS/HS)

Kadohata, Cynthia. KIRA-KIRA. Katie’s sister Lynn makes everything kira-kira: glittering and magical. (MS)

Leitich Smith, Greg. TOFU AND T. REX. Two teens, one vegan, one carnivore, find themselves unusual allies. (MS)

Lester, Julius. DAY OF TEARS. This novel in monologue and dialog recounts an historical event in which more than 400 slaves were auctioned over the course of two days. (MS/HS)

Littman, Sarah Darer. CONFESSIONS OF A CLOSET CATHOLIC. Justine decides to give up being Jewish for Lent. (MS)

Lockhart, E. THE BOYFRIEND LIST. Subtitled 15 guys, 11 shrink appointments, 4 ceramic frogs, and me, ruby oliver, this book is a funny and warm look at relationships. (HS)

McCormick, Patricia. MY BROTHER’S KEEPER. Toby is the middle child, caught between older brother Jake’s drug use and younger brother’s Eli’s propensity to be a pain in the butt. (MS/HS)

Moses, Sheila P. LEGEND OF BUDDY BUSH. Finalist for the National Book Award recounts the story of a young black man accused of raping a white woman in NC in 1947. (MS/HS)

Nelson, Marilyn. A WREATH FOR EMMETT TILL. This heroic crown of sonnets commemorates the brief but important life of Emmett Till to the Civil Rights Movement. (MS/HS)

Nye, Naomi Shihab. GOING GOING. Florrie fights to save the local businesses in downtown San Antonio. (MS/HS)

Oates, Joyce Carol. SEXY. A disturbing story about a young man whose life changes forever when he accepts a ride home from swim practice from one of his teachers. (HS)

Paulsen, Gary. TIME HACKERS. Slim sci-fi novel examines what happens when some hackers break into time and transport people and things to a different historical eopch. (MS/HS)

Rosoff, Meg. HOW I LIVE NOW. A teen, stranded in England when the country is invaded, comes to look at life quite differently after her experiences in wartime. (HS)

Rylant, Cynthia. BORIS. Novel in poems about the new cat in the house. (INT/MS/HS)

Schmidt, Gary D. LIZZIE BRIGHT AND THE BUCKMINSTER BOY. Winner of a Newbery and Printz Honor, this historical fiction story tells of an unusual and forbidden friendship. (MS)

Scott, Kieran. I WAS A NON BLONDE CHEERLEADER. Can Annisa, a brunette from New Jersey, find happiness among the peroxided cheerleaders at her new school in Florida? (HS)

Smith, Jeff. BONE: OUT OF BONEVILLE. Four color graphic novel version of the cult classic of the 90s. (MS)

Tingle, Tim. WALKING THE CHOCTAW ROAD: STORIES FROM RED PEOPLE MEMORY. This audiobook is incredible. Tingle is a gifted storyteller. (ALL)

Truss, Lynne. EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES: THE ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH TO PUNCTUATION. This warm and humorous adult bestseller tackles the tricky problems that arise when one does not punctuate properly. (HS/AD)
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