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05 February 2016 @ 06:07 pm
Strange Glances  
I always take a book with me wherever I go. Yesterday was no exception. I headed out to get my oil changed armed with 2 early reader/chapter books. I don't often think consciously about the books I take to read in public. These two seemed to be about the right size for an oil change, so off I went.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, I began to be aware of some sidelong glances. I think I could almost hear the thoughts of the folks with me in the waiting room. I smiled and continued reading. I guess I could have just switched to checking my cell phone, but I was enjoying the books (nd I think I managed not to laugh out loud as I know this can make folks look even more askance).

Taking those two books along with me, coupled with the audiobook I was reading with my ears, meant I read 6 books yesterday. When folks ask how to find time to read, I will point to situations like this. These stolen moments, Donalyn Miller calls them "edge time," add up; they make a difference.

So, if you see an older woman (with electric hair much of the time) reading books in public that appear to have a younger audience, come over and say HI!
Sherry Tull BorgrenSherry Tull Borgren on February 6th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
Reading in Public
Recently, I was reading Tommysaurus Rex while waiting for my audiology appointment. Everyone else in the room was at least 10 years older than I. I got quite a few strange looks from the other patients, who maybe thought I was a lot younger than I am.