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Please, sir!

This headline caught my attention early on morning this week: North Carolina Teachers Told to Say Please as Little as Possible: Thinking it might be a spoof, I followed the link to a story about the No Nonsense Nurturing Program. This program "aims to create a structured and consistent environment for students where teachers give them clear and specific directions about movement, volume and participation..."

While the story is spare with details, there are multiple links in a Google search. Perhaps the most telling link takes you to Diane Ravitch's web site. There you can learn about the origin of NNN. You will also learn that there is no sound pedagogical basis for it. Finally, something that makes sense.

Here are more of the reformist suggestions for the classroom. Not tried and true, mind you. More of a let's-see-if-this-works approach. I worry about the long term consequences of NNN. Teachers dictate directions. Please is not part of the vocabulary (because as one points out in the post referenced above that would be like saying please come to work today). It seems almost robotic. Where is the individual (both teacher and kid) in this sort of approach. It is one-size-fits-all. It is programmed. It is assembly line mentality. Churn out mindlessly minding kids. If this is career ready, I have to ask what career?

As for me, I will continue to say please. Thank you.
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