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Saying goodbye

Today was my first day back at the office for 2016. I have another week of "vacation," technically, but I had to complete some online training which can only be accomplished on the office computer (grrr!), so I came up and completed that training for another year. Then, I tackled the accumulation of boxes that arrived since winter break commenced (December 20). Before I opened one box or envelope, I went through the shelves quickly. I was pulling books from 2015 that could now float on to new readers. Now that the announcements have been made (, I want to make sure I give these books a new home. I hung on to a couple of titles I have not yet read, of course. But I filled the bookshelves in the hall and managed to fill 14 bags at home as well.

It is easier for me to bid farewell to books these days. When I first began teaching, I hung on to every single title. I never let one go willingly. Perhaps being in a Library Science program for more than 25 years has taught me the value of weeding, but it goes beyond this, I think. I am more acutely aware of the fact that many classrooms do not have libraries. I know how poorly many school libraries are funded as well. My goal, then, in saying goodbye is to do what little I can. Back in the FTF (face-to-face) days of teaching, I brought them in and gave them to my students. Now that I live online, I take them along with me to various workshops and conferences.

At the end of t his month, I will take as many as I can cram into my car to the TCTELA conference in Austin. In February, I will have more to take to the Region V conference. The ones on the bookshelves in our hall are already being perused by folks who work in the building. Word gets out even during break that there are FREE books available on the 4th floor. I love to see them go now. I know they are being handed off to another set of readers. Saying goodbye has become something I look forward to doing.

And load up the shelves with the new arrivals.
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