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After watching the Golden Globe broadcast last night, I needed a reminder that it is not all about snark and insinuation and depravity. Thank heavens for this: the ALA Youth Media Awards were announced a few hours ago. The Twittosphere is tweeting, posts to FB are rampant. What a wonderful morning to celebrate the books written for kids. The Newbery went to a picture book, LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET (and stop reading now and find this book and read it pronto). The Printz-winning BONE GAP (ditto the need to read it now) and other awards reminded me of the kindness and hope and responsibility and love and thoughtfulness that is present in books and in the wider world despite some of the pop culture's "publications."

Sadly, these winning titles will be ignored by the mainstream media in favor of yet another story on pop culture icons. While I mourn the passing of David Bowie, I wonder if we could get some coverage to folks like Jerry Pinkney and others whose books and life work were lauded this morning? I wonder if the next Presidential debate might ask candidates if they have read ANY of the winning titles? Because if they truly care about kids, they should. They should be visiting schools and sharing these books with classes of kids.

It is time to put our money where our mouths are. If we truly care about the future, kids and books are essential. Kylene Beers wondered on Facebook today: what if we took that 1+ billion Powerball jackpot and spent it on books for each and every kids. How many lives could we change? Good question.

As I weeded 14+ bags of books which will float on to kids, I know that one of those books just might be THE book for a reader. As I look at the note from Penny Kittle about BOOK LOVE (, I know the power of a book in the hands of a kid. So, I am vowing to put more books in more hands this year. Maybe my 2016 word is SUPPORT, supporting books, libraries, readers, educators, the profession.
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