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30 December 2015 @ 03:34 pm
Rare moments  
I have had multiple dentist visits in the last week. Generally, these are not the type of visits I like. However, both offices have great staff who are personable and have wonderful senses of humor. Last night, I had a late appointment. I was early, so of course I had a book with me. I was aware there were three unattended children with me in the waiting room. One, about 11, was reading what appeared to be her own book. The two younger kids were trying to find Waldo and getting into some heated discussions. Finally, the oldest told her siblings to go get a book and she would read it to them. The youngest elected WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, I knew it from the opening phrase, "The night Max wore his wolf suit..." In the 5 minutes or so it took for the sister to read the book, I made the following observations (all the while whispering the words under my breath; I DO have this book memorized after using it in class for 26 years snd reading it aloud to my own Wild Things, aka the former residents of the back bedroom):

1. I do not think any of the kids knew the book. The oldest one reading it aloud did not catch on that pages needed to be turned to continue the same sentence.

2. There was nothing said or done for the Wild Rumpus (and I resisted getting up to do my own version of the rumpus).

3. The intonation was fairly flat; this child did not often read aloud (and I suspect she did not have a model of reading aloud at home).

4. At one point, the younger brother wandered off, bored with the story. He began to flip through some of the magazines instead.

5. The younger girl, on the other hand, fetched another book to have read to her. It was Danny and the Dinosaur.

But the biggest observation was this:

MY DENTIST HAS CHILDREN'S BOOKS, REAL BOOKS, IN HIS WAITING ROOM! Imagine if that were the case everywhere kids might have to wait.

And this:

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