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Skin Hunger

Shortly before TLA, author Kathleen Duey contacted me about receiving a copy of her forthcoming book, SKIN HUNGER. Once the lawn guys and the construction people both decided to hack at various things about my house and the neighbor's home, it seemed like a good time to get lost in a book. This I did. Turns out that SKIN HUNGER was the right choice to keep me from going bonkers with the noise.

Sadima knows from the beginning that she has a special way with animals, a way she must keep hidden from her father who distrusts all semblance of magic. Even Sadima's brother is uncomfortable with her special ability. Only Franklin, a magician who encounters Sadima one day out in the fields, seems interested in what she can accomplish. So, following the death of her father, Sadima travels to another city to find Franklin. Their future seems to be entwined, but the future Sadima plans might not come to pass.

Told in alternating viewpoints from chapter to chapter, readers will discover in this first installment in a series (the cover says it is Book #1 in a series entitled A RESURRECTION OF MAGIC) about the underground attempts to hide the magic safely until it can resurface. Hahp, a young royal whose parents have brought him to be trained to possibly become a wizard is the other focus from which this story of magic, history, suspicion, and redemption is told.

My only quibble is that, because it is the first in the series, the ending is less resolution and more question of what will happen next. There are clues, but the answers must wait for another book. However, readers who appreciate dark mysteries, folklore, intrigue, magic, and betrayal will find much to like in this offering.
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