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So this is Amazon's foray into best book lists. Some are on the list due to sales; others were selected by their "editors." As I review lists, I am reminded of what my children's and YA lit professor, Dick Abrahamson, warned us all about lists and awards. We need to ask ourselves some questions:

1. Who are the judges?
2. What are the qualifications of the judges?

To these basic questions I would add:

3. How many books did the judges read during the process?
4. Was there more than one judge for each category?
5. What are the criteria for the books?

There are more questions, of course, but this is a good place to begin. For me, looking at multiple lists is always informative. So, I add a couple more questions:

6. Are there titles that show up on multiple lists?
7. What titles would I add?
8. Are there titles I question?

Finally, these questions:

9. What did my kids say when they read the books?
10. Is this a book that stays with me long after the reading?
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