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Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature is stirring. Well, the only creature here is Scout, and he is not stirring much. Scout is sleeping in my office chair which means I am writing my post from the kitchen counter so as not to disturb him. Trust me, it is better this way. Last night, he was helping me write. Scout's help consists of rubbing his nose on my glasses so I cannot see to work. That means I take a break and he gets attention. Mary cat.

It was a quiet Christmas Eve thus far. Soon we head to my baby sister's house for dinner with some of the family. Having quiet meant I got to read my #bookaday early today. Since then I have written and sent in the review of that book to VOYA. One down and three more books to read and review in the next week or so.

I also had some time to work on another writing project and send it off for feedback. I still have a couple more days before that deadline, so I am feeling like I am on top of things for the time being. Oh, I know that things can still go, as Bobby Burns write so beautifully, "gang aft agley." But, in the meantime, I am donning some summer clothes (it is in the 80s here) and heading off to a lovely dinner and even lovelier time with family.

Though our family has grown smaller over the years, though we all think today and this season of those no longer here, we still find it in our hearts to celebrate those near. I am sure we will laugh at memories and perhaps even shed a tear to two, but that is fine with family. Family accepts. Family celebrates. Family endures.
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