professornana (professornana) wrote,

Holding on to hope

It seems that this has been a season of losses. Several of my friends have had to say goodbyes to parents. Others are dealing with incredibly ill family members. Today, many of us mourned the loss of a friend and fellow educator after her courageous battle against cancer. And, of course, for those of us who have already experienced losses, the holidays are reminders of those losses. As I wrapped gifts this morning, my mind wandered back to past holidays and felt a little of the hollow places those folks have left.

The places are not empty, really, but they feel hollow. And I know there are many of us who will pause this season. For all of us, I know our faith and our hope and our love will allow us the pause and then allow us to move
Forward to celebrate the holidays with friends and families.

Part of my hope, part of what sustains me in tough times comes from the comfort of books and reading. Finding those books for our students will give them hope and comfort, too. I hope during this break from work all of us will find comfort and hope in books we will take back to classrooms after vacation ends.
Tags: books, comfort, hope
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