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leaving on a jet plane redux

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go. I suspect Scout is already sitting beside the front door in anticipation of our arrival later tonight. My bags are a bit heavier as we purchased a few fun things to gift family for Christmas (though I have the majority of my shopping yet to do). But I am carrying even more that cannot be contained in the luggage. I am taking back with me so many sights and sounds and memories. But I am also carrying in my head,the roots of new thinking about books and reading and stories and writing and so much more.

You saw some of the questions I am contemplating in yesterday's post. I am searching for a way to coalesce the answers into some sort of cohesive whole. I seem to have too many scattered elements of late. A good idea here. Terrific thought there. But I need for it all to come together. For NAKED READING, I had College Girl's habit of reading sans clothes; for MAKING THE MATCH, I had the structure of the knowledge I need to match kids to books. And for READING LADDERS I had the nagging image of a ladder and the thought that there was something there that connected it to kids and books.

However, this latest thread, one Donalyn Miller and I are weaving together, is a bit more complicated and, therefore, more elusive. It is one, I think, where the pattern will emerge; it refuses to be planned in advance. And that, friends, is downright scary. It also feels right if that makes sense. Reading is, after all, a complex set of processes. Those who would boil it down seem to, instead, be designing the pattern and cramming the threads into said pattern whether they fit naturally or not. Pillars, standards, 3 step processes might make a nifty pattern but they do not get down to the heart of the matter: readers themselves.

Darn readers with their idiosyncracies. Darn readers with their own habits and preferences (if we are lucky) or their seeming disregard of books (a more likely scenario). How do we take courage and continue to weave and wait for the pattern to emerge? How do we commit words to a page, hopeful that they will take shape and the shape will give us direction and purpose?

These are the questions I will be pondering in the weeks to come.
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