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The rather lengthy flight from Houston to Orange County was a terrific excuse to immerse myself in books. I finished a book I had started on the flight home from NCTE (and left in the suitcase, of course) and then breezed through two short novels as well. There will not be too much time for reading between now and the flight back home next week, but I am stealing time here and there.

Much as I do not love flying (especially on a day with all sorts of delays), I do love having the chance to binge read. Back when I taught FTF, I would give students an extra-long lunch break so we could all get some reading in. Tough to do this in an online format, But I do try to encourage some binge reading for those students as well. THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO is a book ideal for a binge read. It demands moving forward to see what will happen next (Mancheeeeee!!!!!!!!). Each semester there are some students who write to tell me that had to buy and read the other books in the trilogy. I smile.

I select the book I keep in the bathroom carefully. Tis is not a place for binge reading (is this TMI?), Poetry, story collections, easy chapter books all work there. Airplane books are generally heavier tomes, suitable for delays and circling. Of course, I could stream a movie or play some online games, but there is something calming and absorbing about reading. It helps ease the bumps of turbulence and the noise of children who are not too keen about flying.

Back to the binge reading: airplanes, trains, car rides (audio), rainy days: they all provide me the chance to dive into a book and linger there.
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