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10 December 2015 @ 07:16 am
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From The Skimm:

"Pretty much everyone hated “No Child Left Behind,” a law that ended up being seen as a one-size-fits all approach. The new law is seen as a way to end aggressive federal oversight. But some wonder how much will really change, and whether this is really a Magic School Bus for education reform."

Glad to see someone paying attention. Last night's scroll on our old friend MSNBC touted the new legislation, ESSA, as the end of federal government's role in education. Um, not quite.

We have replaced one motto, No Child Left Behind, with a new one, Every Student Succeeds Act. Ostensibly control now reverts back to the state though mandatory annual tests are still required. And there is still more left to be revealed as the entire piece of legislation is finally read (which begs the question, why do folks vote without having read the entire bill?). ALA is cheering as school libraries were included in the bill. But I would hold off the celebrations for now. Just as in the NCLB and CCSS debacles, there are some rather troubling items still to be dissected.

Teacher preparation is one problematic area. Federal funds will support the development of teacher academies, an alternative to actual colleges and schools of education. This bears more investigation before we launch the balloons and confetti.

Finally, it remains to be seen what will happen to the vestiges of CCSS and NCLB. Will all fade away? Unlikely. So stay tuned to Diane Ravitch and Valerie Strauss and others whose insight into education will unveil what else is hiding within the pages of a bill which will affect our children.
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