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Choose your weapons

I have felt almost powerless the last few days. All of the hateful rhetoric makes me rant and rail, but it does little to inspire a blog post. My thoughts are swirling, a word I would have mocked had I seen it in a story except I know it now to be a spot-on description for me. So, what did I do?

Well, I sat and stewed for a day. And then I dove into a book and then another. I plan to do the same today. My weapon to combat my feelings of impotence? Books.

You see, in books I can be powerful. I can face demons and defeat them (thanks Harry Potter), I can survive the unimaginable (thanks YA authors including Crutcher, LHAnderson, Andrew Smith to name just a few). I can laugh, cry, shiver. And I can do all this safely within the pages of my books.

We need to be sure we give kids these same weapons. They need to be able to immerse themselves in stories, to find heroes and villains, to find characters battling against obstacles and surviving. They need all of the armor that good books can provide in times that seem to threaten all we hold dear.

I know so many educators who are providing this and more to kids. I have hope because of this knowledge.
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