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finally I can talk about this book!

Lisa Nadel swore me to secrecy about this book until the ARC was available. I let the news slip at TLA where (thankfully) the ARCs arrived in time for bloodthirsty participants to grab them up. So, TA DA! Get ready to sink your eyes into the sequel to STARGIRL. Nope, I am not kidding. Several months ago, I was asked to write a reader's guide to the two books. I read LOVE, STARGIRl in manuscript during a flight from one place to another and was bowled over immediately. I am always wary of taking a story into another installment. However, in the more than capable hands of Jerry Spinelli, this second book shines on its own and brings back one of my favorite people, er characters, of all time: Stargirl. LOVE, STARGIRL is told in one long ever-revealing letter from Stargirl to Leo, he the former (and perhaps future) boyfriend of Stargirl. Stargirl has moved with her parents to a new town where she meets and befriends a new cast of characters from her neighborhood. There is Charlie who sits in the cemetery day after day next to his wife's grave, Dootsie an energetic 5 year old, along with the mysterious Perry and the reclusive neighbor who cannot leave her house due to agoraphobia.

A retelling diminishes this lovely novel. It needs to be read and re-read. Then, go back and re-read STARGIRL and take another shot at the sequel. It just grows richer each time.

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