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29 November 2015 @ 08:43 pm
Today we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent at church. The service included a Bach cantata with incredible performances by our own and some visiting musicians. But I was struck also when our priest remarked that Advent was a time of looking back while moving forward. I jotted down that phrase because it has such resonance for me.

It seems that the older I get, the more years I have as an educator, the more I not only move forward in terms of my approach to teaching and learning, but I also find myself going back to those foundational pieces that continue to inform who I am and what I do.That was a large part of the presentation I did for the Middle Mosaic at NCTE. It is also a presentation I have given in the past year and will continue to refine.

While I have grown professionally (and thanks to #titletalk tonight for the chance to reflect on professionalism), I also cling to some of the pedagogy that provide echoes from the past that read out to the future. In the coming months, beginning in 2016, I hope to pull many of these foundational pieces together, to find a way to make them available, and to talk about them with other professionals. Yes, a resolution from me, and early as well.

Stay tuned.