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28 November 2015 @ 08:19 pm
Guilt was programmed into me from an early age. Have all As and 1 B on a report card? What happened in that one class? Have a 97? Where are the 3 other points? It is so built in that now I can do it to myself without any outside help. And so these past few days have found me wrestling with some guilt. I was not reading. My blog posts have been short. For the most part, I have spent time vegging out in front of the TV, catching up with family, cooking, and napping.

And then I remembered that I have read more than 700 books so far this year. And I have written almost every day on this blog. I have also managed to write some articles and have put together countless presentations for workshops and PD.

Why do we hold ourselves to some unrealistic standards when what we should do is celebrate what we HAVE done? I am grateful this Thanksgiving holiday that I shed the guilt and enjoyed the moments.