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catching up from TLA

After helping to break down the exhibit booth yesterday morning, I found a quiet place to read. I had one last meeting and a couple of hours to kill, a bag of candy and a Diet Coke. Just about perfect, you say? Yep. I pulled one of the ARCs from my bag and devoured it along with some chocolate. THIS IS WHAT I DID by Ann Dee Ellis is a novel in verse with some palindromes, some rebus-looking graphics, and one heckuva story line to pull in readers. Logan is in a new school in a new neighborhood because of something traumatic that happened to him not too long ago. He refuses to talk much about it. However, in the aftermath of this incident, Logan has become even more susceptible to mean spirited pranks pulled by three bullies at school and also in his scout troop. And then there is Laurel who writes Logan palindromes and seems to want to get to know him better.

The story is told in fits and starts, brushing between past events and the present torment for Logan. I could not bear to read this in one fell swoop and I suspect I will not be alone in this compulsion. After I finished the book and TLA, I drove home under an ever changing Texas sky as the temperatures dropped 20 degrees with the last whisper of the last cool front of our spring. Time to put away long sleeves and get ready for the summer which cannot be far away.

I brought a Julie Anne Peter's ARC home and Corrie has already read it once and whispered to me that it is soooooooooooo good. So, I guess I know what is next.
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