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Paul W. Hankins has called this a micro blog. Not sure I would agree most of the time. I say what I have planned to say and then bring it to an end for the day. Since I do write daily, I like to keep it short and sweet and to the point. I doubt even the most ardent fans of the blog would want to read pages each and every day. All this preamble is to say that today's post will be micro.

I have been at the Minneapolis Convention Center since 6 am. I will not leave until 6 pm to join colleagues for dinner. It is NCTE time, and today included the ALAN Breakfast, two presentations, and some time in the ALAN booth.

And I just want to say that the ALAN Breakfast was an incredibly moving experience for me. I saw lots of folks I see only once a year. Hugs, grins, good natured ribbing about the blue hair. And then the awards were give. cj Bott received the Hipple Award for her service to ALAN. Her husband, Don Gallo was the first recipient. This dynamic duo has done so much for YA literature. Next, Lois Lowry received the ALAN Award for lifetime contribution to literature for YA readers. And finally, Chris Crutcher delivered the breakfast speech that left us all in tears. He basically told us all how we save lives, save kids. With that message still reverberating in my ears, I headed out to the other sessions of the day.


Important words to remember.
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