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NCTE bound

Heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota, today for the NCTE conference. Why would someone willingly go from balmy NY weather to sub-freezing weather? Because NCTE affords me the chance to develop professional skills and knowledge. Because I will have the chance for some FTF time with colleagues and friends. Because I will see loads of new books. Because, because, because.

For about 40 years, this has been my go-to conference. I come home exhausted but so much the richer for the time spent learning and laughing and listening. Look for tweets and Facebook posts from the conference using the #ncte15 hashtag. I know Karin Perry and Donalyn Miller and loads of others will be posting as much of the "nuggets" as we can. I have 3 back up power boosters hoping my phone and computer will have sufficient power to carry me through each day.

And if you are there, track me down (a good place to look is in the NCTE app to see my schedule, but I will also be found in the Exhibit Hall near books, of course). Hope to see many of you there.
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