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Signs--can you read the signs?

In New York City, signs are ubiquitous. Street signs. Billboards. Electronic signs. But the sign I love the best is not an actual sign. It is the iconic "sign" that lets me know I have located the New York Public Library. Yep, those wonderful lions guarding he stairs that rise to that magnificent building let me know all is well, that I can slide inside and wonder through the world of books. Their names are Patience and Fortitude (for more information: And those names are a sign, are they not?

Patience and fortitude summed upside of the discussion of the past week. Yesterday I spoke about the history of research on adolescents and YA literature. Research goes back a century,and yet w ae still fighting some of the same battles as we did in the past. We still face censorship challenges (most recently, Captain Underpants has been pulled from some book fairs because of a character in the newest title in the series that mentions one of the characters is gay). We still argue for choice in reading despite the fact that there are numerous studies that show its importance. And despite evidence to the contrary, there is still a focus on the canon rather than more contemporary titles. So, Patience and Fortitude remind us of what our task involves. As we ready ourselves to convene at NCTE, let's keep these signs in the forefront of our mind.
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