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tornado alerts in the area

but I am safely back in the room of the hotel, so let it rain and get it over with already. I had breakfast this morning with Helen Frost courtesy of FSG and Jeanne McDermott. OMG, I love this woman's work and the in-the-flesh person is as lovely and lyrical as her words. I headed off after that to the exhibits and scored some great ARCs which I will have time to read once this conference ends. Dinner tonight was with the lovely folks from Random House. I scored the best seats in the house with Rene Saldana and Dana Reinhardt. However, I also got to meet Kirby Larson (Hattie Big Sky), too. I am sated from the food but even more from the company and companionship. I am getting off so my roomies can check email. Tomorrow this all ends (sigh) and I head back home with plenty of audio to enjoy.

BTW, I am thinking of having a name badge made that reads PROFESSORNANA since more people here have reacted to that than to my real name. Go figure.
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