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Somehow it seems fitting that fear is the topic of Friday the 13th. 13 has been a lucky number of mine for years, but there is still that niggling sense of what bad stuff might happen. I think I am also reminded of this topic because of all the fear mongering I see in politics. But I also have some fears about books and reading.

1. I fear that, despite the research, the misinformation keeps getting promoted in media. For instance, there is ample research about extrinsic motivation, VAM, censorship, choice, and much more. Yet it seems to me I see the same misinformation trotted out in blogs, in media outlets.

2. I fear how some comment on the amount of reading seems to indicate kids are reading less. They are to; adults are reading less (maybe) but kids still read, and they read more than some adults do.

3. I fear there are too many educators who do not read or who read so little they cannot make good recommendations to kids looking for a good book. I have been conducting surveys with Karin Perry. The average number of books educators read a month is about 3. That's 36 books a year. If 6000 books are published each year, and teachers read 36, that nets out to .006%.

4. I fear that there are some who have abandoned read aloud and book talks since they are not part of the curriculum.

5. I fear that some of us feel somehow constrained at what we say. Other, louder voices are shutting us down.

Now, I will NOT end this post on a down note. I KNOW that there are still many educators who do the right thing. They read aloud; they book talk; they curate library collections. They eschew programs that award prizes for books read. They eschew commodified ideas, ideas that have become programmed approaches. And there are many educators who READ.

There is good news, but we need to always be aware of those who would fear-monger. Let's shout out the good news and shout down the fear mongers.
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