professornana (professornana) wrote,

On the road again

Spent several hours on the road Sunday driving to north Texas. Had the chance to stay at the Hotel Miller. I highly recommend this B&B. Courtesy licking by Jasmine and Flora. Purring head butts from Shadow and Misty. And then the people there are friendly as well. Had a lovely dinner with the Millers. Then Donalyn and I stayed up late working and talking. Monday's agenda was a full day of staff development for Keller ISD. The presentation is up at our Slideshare spaces:
It is tough to coalesce everything Donalyn and I want to say into a 3 hour format. But we always try.

I think the high point of the day for many was that I had packed bags full of FREE books to give away. There was a great deal of delight as educators descended on the selections. They asked questions about audience. Some snatched titles they had been eyeing all morning (or afternoon). Now, I get to so some more weeding at the house to make way for 2016 books which are already arriving. I am "hiding" the 2016 books until my 2015 TBR is done (that will take some time still). When it comes to books, I am rich.

And when it comes to road trips, I have the good fortune of listening to talented narrators tell me stories over the hours. I "read" 2 books this week that I would not have had time to do were it not for audiobooks. Bonus: audio to me takes me back to the read aloud time of my youth.
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