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Getting more channels

After posting yesterday on the discussion of some books deemed racist, I was pleased to see two more blog posts featuring reasoned discussions. Check out Varian Johnson's blog here: I love Varian Johnson's books, especially The Great Greene Heist and Saving Maddie. What he posts here is something important: he looks at both sides of the discussion. He can see both sides. Ultimately, he acknowledges that the book works for him, but even if this were not the case, what Johnson dies is demonstrate that there are different ways to consider the book in question.

The other post is here: and the headline reads: Can We Talk of Solutions? Regarding Diversifying Children’s Literature. What I appreciate here is the perspective of publishers and purchasers as well as authors and illustrators. When I see the stats about publishing, I must admit that we have not come a long way since Nancy Larrick wrote about the All White World of Children's Books: This was in 1965. If we fast forward 50 years, we would expect great changes, and we would be greatly disappointed. See here: There is still a long way to go.

So, these discussions are important. We need diverse books. We need to share those books widely. We need to ask for more.
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