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11 April 2007 @ 03:28 pm
hurray for TLA  
I had a lovely backroads of Texas drive over to San Antonio this afternoon. The wildflowers are so widespread thansk to cool weather and lots of rain. It is almost shocking to see pastures of bluebonnets with calves either strolling through them or rolling around in them. In a few minutes I head to the exhibit hall to set up our department's booth. Tonight is free for just walking along the river and eating fabulous food. Tomorrow the real work begins. I will be posting as I can to let you know what you are missing. BTW, it is 84 and sunny today in this gorgeous city. Ah, spring...
David Lubardavidlubar on April 11th, 2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
I'm envious. I love San Antonio. I'll get to go there for NCTE/ALAN in 2008. But meanwhile, I'll just have to dream of great Tex-Mex food. I hope you have a great time.
professornanaprofessornana on April 11th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
tonight, a margarita shall be imbibed in your honor, sir. i so love this city but would rather be here for pleasure than for business. great review in SLJ!
thunderchikin on April 11th, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
Before the margarita, do some recon on where we can set up tables for the ALAN authors signings! :-)
professornanaprofessornana on April 15th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
I asume we will be in a hotel for the workshop. I think we can find some room even if it means getting a hospitality suite just so we do not have to be in the back of a ballroom.