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Mean Girls

I think some folks have lost sight of the fact that the Mean Girls movie had TWO sets of Mean Girls. Both sides were out for revenge of some kind. Neither side won. And so it goes with the combative discourse in education sometimes. I appreciate a well-reasoned argument. But I am growing seriously weary of the snarky sniping.

Now, I know I am as guilty of snark as the next person. Sarcasm is my chosen weapon even though I can still hear one of my former teachers tell me that sarcasm is the tool of the weak (I think I heard that as tool of the WEEK). And I firmly believe in calling out something that is bad pedagogy. But I hope that I do so with facts and research and not personal attacks.

I have been called names during a heated discussion. So have some of my friends and colleagues. It is too easy to have that sort of knee-jerk reaction. But it does nothing to move the discussion forward.

I am saying all this in advance of another post about pedagogy inspired by one of the readings at Mass today (my best ideas seem to come from readings and sermons of late). I want to keep the discussion focused on research, on facts, on knowledge. I know some will respond with, "but this works for me," an argument that is about as weak as it can be since it does not come with much except some anecdotes. I am getting reading to blog also about the move of some schools to a digital library. Yes, forget traditional books, It is all about the "E." And there will be more about AR and other programmed approaches to reading, especially about the commodification of programs and strategies.

Let's proceed with the discussion. But let's take a page from Mean Girls and stay away from the personal attacks.
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