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21 August 2015 @ 08:45 am
Who are you? Who who who who?  
I loved this note placed in a book returned to the public library.

What can we assume from this note? I think Jackson is a reader, don't you? He cares about the book. He is sorry he ripped a page even accidentally. He fell asleep reading the book. All three point to a reader. And yet I bet his teacher saw none of these, right? They happened when Jackson was "reading in the wild." Donalyn Miller's READING IN THE WILD is a constant reminder to me to look beyond actions within the classroom and school to what it is that wild readers do when reading is not required.

I can also infer that Jackson has a parent or sibling or guardian who takes him to the library, who keeps him connected to books and reading. He can read at night in bed, so someone has taken care to set up the essentials needed (light?) for that.

I appreciate that Jackson is a reader and a guardian of books. And I applaud whoever it is in Jackson's family who helps him continue to develop his identity as a reader.
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