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04 June 2015 @ 07:34 pm
Those who do not know history...  
I am old. Not middle aged (unless I live to be 120+). Old. And I am fine with that. Part of the benefit of being old is that I know a lot more of the history of a subject. I was discussing this at lunch today with my friend and fellow juvenile literature professor, Margaret Hale. I know the cry for more diversity in books goes back decades. I know there have been authors who have written about GLBTQ issues before we even referred to GLBTQ in the media. And so, I give you this link from the inimitable Sara Zarr (and if you have not read her books, please do take care of that omission): http://www.gayya.org/?p=2460. Carr writes about M.E. Kerr (one of her pseudonyms) and gay YA. But she also reminds us all about timeless books (that i fear have been, ironically, forgotten), DINKY HOCKER SHOOTS SMACK, FELL, I STAY NEAR YOUY, NIGHT KITES, GENTLEHANDS.

There are many other authors whose works are in danger of being forgotten once we old folks retire. This past week, Chris Crowe posted a link to a lovely piece about Robert Cormier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxrjkuPzKo8. It was an honor to know Cormier, to host him at the SHSU conference years ago. I still mourn his loss. Take some time to watch this short film about someone who changed the face of YA.
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