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21 April 2013 @ 05:27 am
books, books, books  
Up before sunrise here in San Antonio where the International Reading Association conference is taking place. I had the chance yesterday to do a symposium with Donalyn Miller and Terry Thompson on building communities and scaffolding readers. I learned so much in the 3 hours we were together. Working with others always stretches my own thinking, helps me clarify things, grounds me in pedagogy, and reminds me of the importance of observation.

As I was reading through some of my Twitter feed, I snagged this link to Book Riot.


What I love about this site is that they provide links to all things books. However, sometimes the conclusions drawn from the links are a tad, well, errant is the word I will use to be kind. This particular day, two links related to the topic of COMMUNITY in very different ways. The first link examines a study that shows the positive effects of the library on reading and reading achievement. We know this already. Access to books at home is key. This is the reason the students in my children's lit classes do a project that involves identifying a hine that needs books and supplying them (from the hundreds if books we provide free). What bothers me here, though, is the comment following the link that states if a family "cares enough" to spend money on books...as if the lack of books in the home is always a choice. As we conclude National Library Week, we might remind ourselves that not all homes have "extra" income for books. I relied on libraries often growing up and as I was rearing the grandkids it was a godsend, too. We need to do more to remind kids and parents of this valuable resource.

The second link concerns the banned books list topped by Captain Underpants. I have already blogged about it here. Freedom to Read is essential. If there are titles on this list, check them out. Donate them to the school and public libraries, too.
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Sandra Delgadoext_1743897 on April 22nd, 2013 04:23 am (UTC)
books, books, books
I think that when people make a blanket statement like if "a family "cares enough" to spend money on books..." they don't realize that there are a LOT of families on a tight budget. Poverty in our country is still prevalent. Libraries, both school and public, were a life line for me as I was growing up. I use libraries as a wonderful resource to this day. Thank you for the link, Dr. L! Will definitely be checking it out :)