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03 July 2012 @ 05:20 pm
gentle reminder  
I am posting here:


I think I will use the LJ site for some other activity as well.

Here are the books I read today:

day of reading

DAY BY DAY, a picture book by Susan Gal great for reinforcing prepositional phrases.

DUCK AND GOOSE FIND A PUMPKIN, a board book about a goose (gosling) and duck (duckling) who search high and low for pumpkins (except for the pumpkin patch).

ROCKET WRITES A STORY, the sequel to ROCKET LEARNS TO READ. Of course the next logical step is to learn to write. And bird is the perfect teaacher.

BABYMOUSE FOR PRESIDENT--who could resist BabyMouse. As it turns out, most everyone as BabyMouse learns the ins and outs of politics and campaigning. Tie this to BAD KITTY FOR PRESIDENT.