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13 April 2011 @ 06:23 am
My colleague and I drove into Austin yesterday afternoon, checked into the hotel, and then went exploring for something to munch. We ended up at a crepe place on San Jacinto. Had a lovely lunch and then headed back to the hotel for some time online. Then it was off to dinneer with the fabulous folks from MacMillan. jack Gantos, Eric Rohman, Mary Casanova, Dave Roman, and Ilene Cooper. Tweeted out photos from the author readings and will post them here later if time permits. Walked back to the hotel and ran into several folks along the way. Spent way too long sitting up chatting with my roomies, so I am tired this morning. Good tng this is a day for me to work our exhibit booth en head to Scholastic lunch. No plans tonight except rest and sleep.

So, TLA is off to a great start. Stay tuned!