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25 August 2010 @ 06:59 am
history revisited  

I was not much of a student of history in my youth. I also did not read much nonfiction. Happily, things change. I know am learning things that more than likely would have made me more interested in the subject when I was younger. However, it is never too late to learn. Yesterday, I read LINCOLN'S FLYING SPIES: THADDEUS LOWE AND THE CIVIL WAR BALLOON CORPS by Gail Jarrow (Calkins Creek, October 2010) and discovered that hot air balloon were used to spy on COnfederate forces during the U.S. Civil War. Jarrow leads readers into this piece of history by presenting us with the young Thaddeus Lowe under fire from Confederate soldiers as he was observing troop movements from one of his hot air balloons. How he came to be there and how balloons played a role in this war is fascinating reading. Lots of historical documents, photos, engravings, and call out boxes make this an excellent book. <349>

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We are off to the airport shortly for a long flight to Hawaii (poor me, I know, but I am actually working there as well). See you later.
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