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20 May 2010 @ 01:23 pm
Smells like dog  

I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Suzanne Selfors at TLA and getting an autographed copy of SMELLS LIKE DOG (Little Brown 2010) there. The ever-effervescent Victoria Stapleton gave a splendid booktalk of the novel and I moved it onto my take on vacation pile. Sure am glad I did.

Homer Pudding (aptly if not oddly named) receives notice that his beloved explorer Uncle Drake has died, apparently eaten by a giant tortoise. His uncle has sent Homer his greatest treasure reads the note deliver by Mr. Twaddle from the attorney's offices of Snooty and Snooty. Could the treasure possibly be the rather sad looking basset hound named, well, Dog? There must be more Uncle Drake was on the trail of a large treasure when he died. Homer decides to investigate, a decision that leads him on a dangerous journey in The City where he will meet a punk haired homeless girl who assists him, an evil archaeologist, and other assorted villains and ne'er do wells.

Selfors has created a memorable cast of really odd characters who are either endearing or delusional or capricious or deadly depending on the circumstances under which Homer meets them. The language is rich, the humor is howling in places. It is a tween book that should appeal to girls and boys fairly equally, too. And there is hope for more adventures to come on the part of Homer, the dog named Dog, and maybe even a punk haired street urchin.


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