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05 February 2010 @ 02:42 pm
beware the basoomas  

The tenth and final installment of the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, ARE THESE MY BASSOOMAS I SEE BEFORE ME? (HarperTeen, 2009), fulfills the promise of the first book, a Printz Honor winner, ANGUS THONGS, AND FULL FRONTAL SNOGGING. Georgia and her mates are up to their usual crimes: rolling their skirts, applying the lippy, tricking their teachers into all sorts of misstatements. This time the girls are doing a production of ROMEO AND JULIET or Rom and Jul as they call it. Somehow it comes replete with dancing corpuscles, a puppet dog, and other things the Bard (or Bird as Laughing Dave calls him) never envisioned. All of this serves as the backdrop, of course, for Georgia's love troubles. Will her future with the Lurrrve God endure? What about her mixed feelings for Dave the Laugh?

Quick, funny, clever, profane, touching: it is the whole enchilada or whatever they might call it across the pond. Fans of the series should be delighted with its final installment.
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