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15 September 2008 @ 01:26 pm
All the broken pieces...so beautifully put together...  
I wish I could show you the cover, but it is unavailable for now. Once we have electricity, I will try to scan and insert it here. ALL THE BROKEN PIECES (Scholastic, April, 2009)is a novel in verse, the story of a young Vietnamese boy named Matt Pin. He has left his native Vietnam and come to the states to be adopted by his new family. However, there is so much he could not leave behind, not the least of which is his love of his mother and brother. Matt is haunted by dreams and memories and tortured by some of his teammates on the school baseball team. Matt is the living embodiment for some of the horrors of Vietnam and the lack of healing taking place in its aftermath. His piano teacher, Jeff, takes Matt to a meeting of veterans where Matt listens to the stories that all must tell in order to being putting the pieces back together.

Lyrical text juxtaposed with incredibly difficult images of war makes this book resonate on a whole new level for readers who, like me, were teens and adults during those war years. I do not know if younger readers will see this juxtaposition as clearly. They will, however, identify with Matt and the issues and obstacles he faces.
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