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06 March 2008 @ 06:19 pm
catching up with award winners  
Finally, Amazon is getting the award winning books out, the ones I ordered 6 weeks ago. I have the Printz lined up for my plane reading next week, but decided that the Newbery would be a good choice for a rainy, cold afternoon. Last year, this same author gave us A DROWNED MAIDEN'S HAIR, a wonderful melodrama with orphans and homicidal sisters. Now, we have GOOD MASTERS, SWEET LADIES: VOICES FROM A MEDIEVAL VILLAGE. This series of vignettes is reminiscent of BULL RUN by Paul Fleischman. Poems, prose, and some expository text combine to give readers insight into the life of a medieval village. The voices are those of the young, mostly teens, who have a variety of occupations, providing readers with some idea of the way of life in the village.

Illustrations by Robert Byrd illuminate the text lending an air of medieval manuscript to the look. The poems are as varied as the voices: different forms and rhythms. Too few poetry books win the major awards. Here is one to keep and celebrate.

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