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21 September 2007 @ 06:45 pm
math made simpler?  

Danica McKellar (yes, Winnie from THE WONDER YEARS) has written a book. I know what you are thinking: the same thing I was: oh good another star decides to write a book because there are no good ones out there. Well, in this case, she is right on target. MATH DOESN'T SUCK is McKellar's answer to my prayers. For years I have heard from all three girls at some point that they are no good at math (and I heard it from a few misguided teachers as well, but that is another blog for another day). McKellar takes the bugaboos of math (think decimals, percents, fractions, etc) and makes the concepts more accessible and less frightening.

I was out of town when school began this year. However, when I got home mid way through the week, one of the kids pounced on me for math help. Thankfully, I am not a math phobe and even taught math briefly for a time. I was able to help with Algebra II and I can still do the "new" math with some accuracy. It does seem, though, to make the kids less than confident of their abilities. I am hoping this book might help. I do know that if I had kids beginning to do the more abstract math, I would sit down and read along with them from some of the chapters of this book.

Thanks, Danica McKellar, for showing us that math does not need to suck.
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